Works on Acne and Other Blemishes

 First things first....   what the heck is acne???


All pimples are not created equal!


Basically, greasy secretions from your skin's oil glands plug the tiny openings for hair follicles. 

   These clogs can become swollen and inflamed.  Gross right?

Stop popping!  When you pinch your skin you are damaging healthy tissue.  Now you have to wait even longer for it to disappear!



Zitzam works by killing the bacteria, drawing up the oil, and drying out the blemish .  

This stops the pimple from developing and zaps it quickly.

 You can use it THREE ways: 





If you have an ugly zit you need to get rid of quickly, use the zit targeting pad and knock that sucker out.  Use it at the first sign of acne.













If you have a problem area, or want to prevent breakouts you can blot the solution on these areas every other day for a couple weeks.  Be sure to moisturize so your skin doesn't dry out!







If you have a red raised blemish other than acne, OR, if you want to target a pimple or blemish in a spot where the targeting pad won't stick then put a drop on your finger and dab the blemish. 




It's that easy!  YOU'RE WELCOME!